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We not only know the TOEIC Test, we promote, support and administrate the TOEIC test daily.


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The OnlineEnglish preparation course for the TOEIC test is operated by qualified English language teachers and authorized TOEIC test administrators.

Preparing for the TOEIC test with OnlineEnglish TOEIC Test preparation


What should I do for good TOEIC test preparation A very common question :

What do I need to do for good TOEIC Test preparation?

The answer depends really on your knowledge of English and your ability to use it in communicating; the TOEIC Test is designed to test exactly these points!

You may be able to get the TOEIC score you need simply doing a TOEIC preparation course beforehand, or you may also need to improve your English, your fluency in reading and listening and your skills.


Students come in many different forms; have their own different ideas on how they can best learn, have different wants and objectives, maybe a limited time to study, and have different levels of knowledge and ability. So you can see the main points to consider in respect to doing a TOEIC test preparation course.


* Expectation : do you know what TOEIC preparation is suitable for you to achieve your objectives?
* Time : have you left preparation for the TOEIC test to the last minute or have limited study time?
* Level : is your knowledge good enough to get the TOEIC score you need?
* Feeling : do you feel comfortable using and understanding English?


So often a student feels confident about doing the TOEIC test and confident in their knowledge, therefore they decide not to do a TOEIC preparation course. However, they suddenly find that their concentration during the TOEIC test is completely distracted by wondering what to do, how to answer a question. Or, they spend too much time answering questions and cannot answer all the TOEIC questions in the time allowed. Naturally this then means a much lower TOEIC score; even to the point where they get far less than they're actual level!

The answer is no matter how good you feel about using English, it is always better to do a TOEIC preparation course and avoid disappointment. By preparing with the TOEIC preparation course by OnlineEnglish, you can get a feeling about your ability and knowledge levels, also whether or not you may need to improve your English and how much time you should study before your TOEIC test sitting.

Over the last 6 years we have found a growing number of students who try to prepare and improve their score by doing a TOEIC preparation course in the form of practice tests. They study all the questions of these tests and remember all the vocabulary. But come the day of the test, they find the vocabulary in the questions very different and naturally they do not do so well.

The answer is not to depend on learning the questions of a TOEIC practice test, but improve and exercise the core-skills needed to use English proficiently. A TOEIC practice test allows you to become accustomed to the TOEIC test and plan a strategy, but it will not improve your English. The TOEIC Test preparation course by OnlineEnglish gives you specific exercises, practice tests and much more with vocabulary database of over 500,000 words. In addition, you have direct contact with a teacher who by email, will give you extra exercises, or advice on how to further improve.

Some students do not know their English level and try to get the score they need by doing only a TOEIC preparation course consisting of little more than sample tests and questions. This type of preparation is good for students who have a level of English that is near the TOEIC score level they wish to get. Nevertheless, the problem remains; what does a student need? Preparation alone or Preparation and English?

The answer is to get a good assessment of your levels, not only vocabulary and grammar, but also ability in using English. In this way you will immediately know whether a TOEIC preparation course or practice tests alone, are enough to help you achieve your target score, or whether you also need to improve your English knowledge and ability. The TOEIC preparation course by OnlineEnglish includes the interactive training coach that will automatically assess your levels, show you your stregths and weaknesses, and offer you the exercises you need to do.

Then we have the students that for one reason or another, leave themselves only 5/10 days or even less to prepare for the TOEIC test. During their preparation, they suddenly realize that maybe their English is not as good as they thought; they realize that they really need more time to understand the training being given, or to practice their English for better listening and reading ability; practice that often requires more than simply a few days.

The answer is to allow yourself time, start a TOEIC preparation course as soon as possible. You will quickly understand how much training and time you need to study and if you start early enough, you will have time to learn and avoid disappointment. Call it TOEIC Preparation, preparation au TOEIC or TOEIC Vorbereitung, the is a correct way to prepare for the TOEIC test.

Finally the irony and the advice:

The irony is that I can only write this information in English and if you have understood it without a translator, you will be well on the way to a good TOEIC score. If you needed a translator or did not understand some of the sentences or vocabulary, then maybe you should think of preparing; albeit improving your English immediately.

The advice is that you should make enough time to study. Use a course like that will help you prepare correctly, help you get accustomed to the TOEIC test and plan a good strategy. Even more important, OnlineEnglish also has extra English grammar, vocabulary and practice exercises should you find that preparation alone is not enough. If you make enough time, study long enough, and follow the course correctly, you will get the score you need. Correct Study = Success!

Since 2005 : OnlineEnglish.EU, the most comprehensive preparation course available to prepare students for the TOEIC test : With extra English grammar, vocabulary and practice for a perfect TOEIC score. By authorized TOEIC test administrators and operated by an Official TOEIC test center. We not only know the TOEIC Test, we promote, support and administrate the TOEIC test daily.

Rob (Senior Trainer01 OnlineEnglish)



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